2015-01-28     An epic battle between battle turrets and a flock of attackers

Send your ships to battle!

The arena is included with the game and accessible from the game launcher ('Launch the Arena!' button).

        Download the Arena demo! (FREE)        
Challenge your designs against other players!
Drovoid is a Windows game.
In the demo ships can only be build up to level 2.

Quick usage: double click on a ship in the left panel, then double click on a ship in the right panel, the fight will begin automatically!

On the left you can either choose from the online ships, or from your own local ships. Note the 'Upload' button at the top: this will send your ship to the server, so that others can challenge it! A single ship per user can be sent (sending again replaces the previous ship). There is a moderation queue, so ships will not appear right away in the Arena.