2015-01-28     An epic battle between battle turrets and a flock of attackers

        Download the demo! (FREE)        
A good idea to ensure the game runs smoothly on your computer
Drovoid is a Windows game.
The demo does not contain any music and ships can only be build up to level 3.

        Buy the full game! ( 6€ / $6 )        
Drovoid is a Windows game, an Internet connection is required to play.
Full access to the game, server, musics, sandbox and survival mode!
Access to all future updates.

Alpha stage

Please read carefully

Drovoid is in alpha stage. Most of the game code is complete and the main elements of gameplay are implemented. Solo and multipayer are available. By buying the alpha you will get access to all updates to the game. The funding will help support the future development of the game.
By going into a public alpha stage, I pursue the following goals:

  • Funding for ambient musics, sound effects and graphics.
  • Larger scale tests of the client/server code.
  • Funding for web hosting and dedicated server hosting for battle arenas.
  • Encouraging further development.

Because this is alpha stage, please be aware of the following:

  • Game resets are likely to occur upon updates, loosing savegames and (less often) ship designs.
  • The set of modules and the game balance are subject to change.
  • The game may not run at optimal performance and could crash unexpectedly (but there is an autosave system!).
  • Sound effects are temporary, and quite terrible.

What's next?

Feature Description Timeline
Game balance, levels, bosses Improve the game balance, add more enemies and bosses. ongoing
Ship construction interface Multi-selection, tools to show connected/neighboring components and power. soon
Fusion reactor module Module that produces energy by consuming M.U. from containers. For large ships! soon
Tractor beam module Module that attracts or repulse everything within a radius/cone. soon
EMP module Module that once activated draws all power out of active (SwitchedOff:0) power cells within a radius. soon
Player created NPC ships Possibility to spawn ships from the arena during solo or server play. This requires some sort of ranking/filter system as well as space/bandwidth on the web server. later
Battle arenas Servers for automated arena battles. There would be a level and cost cap on the ships. Battles would occur every 24 hours with a web ranking system. if funding allows

When to expect updates?

Drovoid is a one man project done during late hours, week-ends and holidays. I have been working on the project since May 2010 (5+ years!) and I am dedicated to see it through to completion. My goal is to release updates roughly every two-months, or whenever minor bug fixes occur. This, however, will vary.

Despite a development started in 2010, I decided to only release the game in alpha now, when it is almost completed.