2015-01-28     An epic battle between battle turrets and a flock of attackers


What's the history of the project?

I started to develop Drovoid back in 2010; its main inspirations being Gratuitous space battles, Core war, Minecraft for the interactions between logical blocks and Eve Online for the mining aspects.

Drovoid is not a sandbox, it is a game, and the primary goal is to have fun! Playing Drovoid will quickly involve a puzzle/programming aspect as you try to come up with the best designs for the ships.

What does it mean to be in Alpha? What's implemented? What's next?

Please refer to this page. Drovoid is already playable and almost feature complete. It simply needs some more polish, and if funding allows better sound effects, better graphics and servers.

Do I need to learn a programming language to play?

No. The class modules (Fighter, Miner, Defender, etc.) provide very capable pre-programmed AIs that can also be manually controlled. Of course I strongly encourage you to look into scripting your ships, because it is fun and easy!

How does Drovoid differ from other space games?

Drovoid shares some similarities with many ship and space simulation games: ships are made of modules, asteroids are mined, etc. However, Drovoid uniquely differs by many other aspects, and I hope you'll enjoy Drovoid in addition to other games!

The primary obvious difference with most space simulations is that Drovoid is in 2D (!) and, let's say, quite abstract graphics-wise. One of the reasons for the simpler graphics in Drovoid is that I wanted the look of the ships to also reveal their function. Also, destroying modules directly changes the way the ship operates. So it does matter where you place modules, and you can plan ahead for failures during combat. Drovoid is one of the few to provide a full scripting language fr the ships and multiplayer (both through the arena and through the server).

In Drovoid, you can create ships quickly, and launch many of them at once. It is not uncommon to be attacked by a herd of a hundred computer controlled ships!

Finally, Drovoid is not a sandbox. It proposes a defend / conquest / puzzle-programming gameplay, as you must gather resources to build ships, defend your space gate and attack others. In solo or in multi-player. And you can send your ships to the Arena and compete for the best combat ships!

Can ships spawn other ships?

Hell yes - and that makes for epic encounters.

How is Drovoid developped?

Drovoid is using a custom engine developped in C++. Physics is powered by the amazing Box2D library, and all scripting is done in Lua. Here is a screenshot of the internal tool for programming modules: